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Chip In with FundDat this Friday at The Big Idea!

This Friday, I have a chance to win over $50,000 at The Big Idea! I’m honored and lucky to even have this opportunity but I really do believe that our company is the most deserving of them all. Our crowdfunding platform helps people in New Orleans get their ideas out of their head and off of the ground! We don’t only give you a place to raise money, we also have had countless meetings with people to discuss their projects, put on LIVE crowdfunding events and hosted monthly workshops to educate people on what crowdfunding is. and what it can do! Crowdfunding is changing the world and I want to bring that change to New Orleans! A booming crowdfunding platform that is focused on New Orleans means more opportunity for us all. We want to offer matching funds, give people access to grants in a different way, create partnerships with organizations like GNO inc., the Arts Council, the Greater New Orleans Foundation, local banks, the LED and other organizations that support the creative, the ambitious and the ones who go for it! 
I started this thing almost one year ago, last April during Start Up Weekend! It was the second time in my life that I truly stepped out of my comfort zone and went out into a world I knew nothing about. I had a great team during Start Up Weekend, gained great friends since then and had amazing experiences. From Idea Village events, to our workshops at Propeller, to taking a tour of the new JEDCO building, to connecting one of our projects to resources at the BioInnovation Center, etc, etc, etc…. I’ve been places and met people in the last year that I never thought that I would. My life has definitely changed and it was all because I took a risk and went for it. I think that’s what crowdfunding allows us to do. I wrote a post when we first started called “The Mass Murder of Inspiration“, that I really do believe in. Crowdfunding allows us to think, at least momentarily, past our parched pockets and gives us the chance to dream what we can do if we only had a little money! 
So I say all of that to say, I think FundDat deserves your chips! We exist for you and we are trying everyday to be better for New Orleans. 
Thank you,
Alexander Brian McConduit
PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and Chip In with FundDat this Friday at The Big Idea

Love the cause, the effort, the drive, and the story. Wish FundDat all the best #chipin


@BrandonHolliday  Thanks Brandon! Please share the video! This is a huge opportunity and we really are excited about the chance to continue to grow. If your in NOLA come say hi at The Big Idea!